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Czech Rep.

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So simple that anyone can use it!

No registration - no credit cards
no extra bills - no hidden charges

Call the Czech Republic from the UK 
for only 10 pence per minute
any time of day or night!
0871 504 0222

It's so easy to use ....
One Dial 0871 504 0222 and wait for the prompt
Two Dial the number you want to call
(don't forget to put 00 for an international call and then 420 for the Czech Republic first)
Three Talk!

Our Price


BT's Standard Price



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1. If you want to dial a Czech mobile you will need to dial 0911 210 0222 instead of 0871 504 0222 - please note, calls to our 0911 210 0222 number are charged at 20p per minute.
2. If you are having any problems, or have any questions, simply e-mail us at
3. If you are calling from a mobile telephone or a payphone the calls may be charged at a higher rate, please contact your service provider to check if you are in any doubt
4. Please ensure you have the bill payers permission before calling this service
5. Your telephone provider will charge you for the length of time you are connected to our system even if the onward number (the number of the person you want to call) is engaged or doesn't answer, so please hang up promptly if the number you are dialling is engaged or if your number is not answered
6. All comparisons against BT rates are from the BT Price List on 04/02/2003, are against BT's standard daytime rate and are rounded up to the nearest penny. Whilst best endeavors have been made to ensure that these comparisons are accurate, we cannot guarantee it
7. Details of our prices and rates to call our numbers is correct as of 28 March 2003
8. Call Through is operated by Magrathea Telecommunications Ltd - 0845 004 2020